Plant a tree for Peace 2019

plant a tree for 2019

LEAF International (Learning about Forest) and ENO (Environment Online) invite all schools to plant trees for a sustainable future.

The event takes place on 21st of September 2014 – UN’s World Peace Day or like is proposed this year on Monday 22nd September 2014. It is part of a global campaign where more than 5000 schools in about 120 countries will participate.
Since September 21st is on a Sunday this year, you may of course do the activity on a different day, if it’s more suitable.

plant a tree for 2019

This event is a practical way of enhancing environmental and global education. It connects children all over the world to focus on environmental issues. What is more, the event fosters peace education and increases the awareness of school children about the importance of trees and forests on a global scale. The planting of trees symbolize hope and the continuity of life.

The first trees will be planted at noon in Oceania. Following the Sun, new trees will be put to earth in Asia, Europe and Africa. Finally this chain of trees will reach the Americas. The Earth turns on its axis once, and several hundred thousand new trees will have found their homes.

Author: Andrew Levingston