Planting Trees Around the World

Planting Trees Around the World

Thanks to Global Forest Fund – new opportunities

Thousands of trees have been planted during 2013 by schools in Russia, Indonesia, Cyprus, Bahamas, Malawi, India and Ghana. This has helped to educate local communities, to improve air quality, to reduce CO2 emissions and noise pollution and much more!

We are opening the new edition of Global Forest Fund 2014 and your school may have opportunity to join to the global tree planting activities.

The Global Forest Fund is an important tool to support schools in tree planting activities combined with education on global climate questions. The Fund symbolises the Foundation for Environmental Education ́s (FEE) policy of taking part in practical activities to achieve actions and knowledge building. Activities supported in engaged schools strongly influence local communities and enables them to act with higher level of informed decisions in future.

Throughout its sixth year, the FEE Global Forest Fund supported hundreds projects around the world. Children planted trees to protect the planet against climate change, to learn about the role and functions of urban forests and to raise community awareness about the importance of forests.

Planting Trees Around the World

A school in Brynsk 56 in Russia said: We planted 210 trees. This action was organized as a Climate change campaign. We organized a competition to make posters to raise awareness about climate change, we provided grafting trees workshops and organized a seminar on climate change. We also organized a competition of ideas on prevention of climate change. Children, parents and teachers offered ideas of action that could be taken at the level of family, community, city and country to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

250 trees were planted at the school in Indonesia. It was a full day of activities and students from Junior High School invited other schools as well as the local Women Islamic Student Association. Following the tree planting activity, everyone took a part in classroom activities where they learnt about the importance of, and the role and functions of urban forests as well as the importance of healthy food, drink and nutrition in general for children.

All projects supported by FEE’s Global Forest Fund are financed by CO2 compensation from flights from organisations and individual donors. In 2013, 18 projects in Europe, Asia and Africa were supported with more than 8,400 EUR. To find out how to donate to the fund please contact the LEAF Programme Director.

Schools interested in applying for funding for tree planting projects can apply anytime during the year by contacting the International LEAF Director: Malgorzata (Gosia) Luszczek, e-mail: [email protected].

Author: Andrew Levingston